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Connect groups are the way we gather during the week in smaller numbers. Each connect group will look different, but all have the common primary purpose of becoming like Jesus together.

In connect groups we support each other, care for each other, learn from each other, in fact the word for “each other” or “one another” appears many times in the New Testament to describe how we should live in relationship: love each other; share with each other; pray for each other… none of these are possible without others. Community is important because it is where formation takes place.

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Connect FAQ

How do I find a connect?

Each of our sites have a connect group coordinator who will know which groups in your area have spaces. A member of the welcome team will be able to point you to them or you can contact them directly from your site connect group page.

Do I need to be a member?

No – but you do need to be a regular attender of one of the CFC locations and consider CFC to be your home. We also request that you read our beliefs section to ensure that you are in agreement with what we believe and teach.

How regularly do connect groups meet?

Some groups meet every week, some every other week.

How many people are in a connect?

It varies but usually between 8 and 12.

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